Friday, September 4, 2009

BURNLEY Circa 1895, originally uploaded by grubb1937.

Note the gorgeous dress guard...


  1. I'll be there!
    Already went vintage shopping for my ensamble

  2. Dearest Sir and/or Madame,
    I trust this electronic communique finds you well. I write concerning recent correspondence indicating your intent to partake in travels via "bi-cycle".

    To be certain, not half a fortnight has past since a colleague of the Burners upon Boston Concern indicated to me via written post that I have the option to participate in this unique excursion with you and your esteemed compatriots, which I fear is but half a lunar cycle away.

    I am certain time is of the essence, as my trusted associate has warned repeatedly against delay in securing the required uniform and protective garb, indicating that even as I compose this, forces may be conspiring against my estate and its ability to secure the necessary tweed.

    Though, I have heretofore considered dispatching my agent to the Dutch East Indies I believe it may fall upon me to seek out supplies within the Commonwealth, should I not have the wherewithal to employ a courier in these desperate times.

    Thankfully, it would appear, through my fortunate association with a large banking and lending concern, I have secured a method by which, based on my personal reputation, I may borrow capital from a shared trust with a forbearance of the usury charges commonly associated with such a debt for a period of thirty days, thus allowing me to secure the necessary supplies.

    I admit, gentlepersons, the decision to participate has weighed heavy on my mind this eve, but I shall accept.

    Godspeed us on this journey and to a safe return.
    -Mr. Sean P Esq.

  3. By jove, this sounds like a jolly good time! If only the group weren't exclusionary on the basis of helmet usage, I would surely be there.

    Live Free or Die!

    Your humble servant,

    Dread Pirate Grimlocke

  4. As a fashionable character about town, I will find that the helmet requirement very much not in the spirit of the tweed. Burberry and Pendelton and J. Peterman would be severely pissed off. And I was going to fly back from Bogota for the ride.